Developing a badge system for your course or program is a complex process, but there are some tips and resources to help you make some early decisions and set a good direction for your badge implementation.   The following guides are based off of Mozilla’s Erin Knight  3 T’s of Badge System Design.



Plan course/program badge objectives. Covers the process of aligning badge goals with course/program objectives.


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Plan the types of badges to be issued. Covers the different types of badges with examples.


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Plan the badge issuing process. Covers leveled badge system design and earning criteria.


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Plan the technology used for badging. Covers the current badge issuing available in WordPress and Connect.


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Icons are from the Noun Projects:Flag – Dalpat Prajapati,Folder – By Umar Irshad , Handshake -By Darin S and Laptop
– By Edward Boatman,