Once you get close to the implementation stages with your badges, you will likely want some technical advice about your badge implementation just to be sure you are on the right track. You can do this by submitting a question to CMS Support or attending our Drop-In Clinics for WordPress and Wiki.

The Drop-In Clinics are offered every Thursday from 1-3pm and are open for administrators of UBC weblogs or websites to get one-on-one support or guidance. Participants should come prepared with a list of questions specific to their sites when attending this session. Specialists at the clinic will assist you in addressing and resolving those questions. Sign Up for a clinic.




Connect also allows for badge implementation within a course. Questions related to Connect and badging can be addressed in two ways:
* Documentation
* Learning Technology Hub on the 3rd floor of Irvin Barber Learning Center every Monday – Friday from 1-2pm.



As we work with the community to develop various learning events (workshops, design studios, etc), we will publish them on the events feed (see bottom of the homepage).